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Commercial Roofing includes many different types of roofing systems. TPO, EPDM and Liquid Applied Roofing Systems are three common commercial roofing materials to consider when making repairs or replacement decisions. These materials have many benefits, including being easy to install on any building type and easily-adaptable for different types of roofs.

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TPO Roofing Systems

Thermoplastic Polyolefin is a fast-growing commercial roofing product that provides one of the most cost-effective ways to cover your structure. It is a single-ply roofing membrane that is one of the most popular in the market. The majority of TPO roofing systems are constructed from a single layer of synthetic polymers and reinforcement scrim that may be used to cover roofs that are flat-surfaced.

TPO membranes come in and are usually manufactured at 10, 12, and 20-foot widths. The individual sheets are then folded, rolled up, and delivered to commercial facilities like industrial plants. TPO reflective surfaces with natural reflective finish have earned industry approval for reflecting UV rays. According to the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA), TPO accounts for roughly 40% of the commercial roofing industry. A commercial TPO single-ply membrane roof can last 30 years if installed and maintained correctly.

Our TPO roofing solutions provide you with a dependable, cost-effective, and long-lasting options.

Liquid Applied Roofing Systems

Through their capacity to eradicate numerous failure locations on many aging, low slope roofs, Liquid Applied Roofing Solutions may help prolong the life roofs considered as structurally sound. The cost savings are significant, but there are other benefits to using liquid-applied roofing. They can be used on dark-colored roofs to help them gain solar reflectivity, which will result in significant energy savings.

What is a Liquid Membrane Roofing System?

A liquid-applied roofing system comprises numerous components coming together to produce a seamless, self-flashing, and fully adhered membrane. The waterproofing components include mesh membranes and liquid applied coatings, creating a genuine liquid membrane system which maintains and protects the building's structure.

These systems are composed of an easy-apply waterproof membrane that is applied as a liquid and can be molded to any penetration form. When utilizing this system, you can weld across gaps in your roof without having to worry about interfering with other systems. This method is useful when dealing with numerous roof penetrations, a tiny urban area, or a restricted usage of hot asphalt or heat welding.

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EPDM Roofing Systems

The versatile engineering polymers Ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM) and Hymoplast are used in low-slope commercial roofing. EPDM is a thermoplastic elastomer that's both extremely durable and versatile. EPDM has excellent weatherability, wind uplift resistance, flexibility, and other long-term benefits.

Ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM) is an excellent roofing choice with exceptional long-term durability and flexibility. EPDM is made thicker and has a more consistent surface finish than others. To create a more durable connection during installation, the advancement in manufacturing cleaner sheets necessitates less preparation.

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